Marta Eva is fully qualified and insured Reflexology and Reiki Healing practitioner.
She began to be interested in complementary health therapies in her late 20s, when she experienced physical and emotional effects of stress and anxiety. Marta started looking for non-invasive and natural ways to help herself feeling better.

Out of pure curiosity and having nothing to loose, she took part in Reflexology workshop and never looked back! She was truly amazed how foot massage made her feel much calmer, balanced and generally happier!

That experience has opened a new chapter in her life. Few months later Marta became Reflexology student at London School of Reflexology, where she gained the knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, pathology and various Reflexology massage techniques and styles.

She also learned how to deal with anxiety and stress in natural and effective way.

Since she qualified in 2013 is on the mission to help others feeling better by providing high quality, intuitive and practical treatments. She believes that Reflexology and Reiki is for everyone benefit and can contribute to create more balanced, healthy and joyful life.