Hello! My name is Marta Eva and I am fully qualified and insured Reflexology and Reiki practitioner.
My interest in holistic approach to health started early in my childhood, thanks to my Mum, who always tried to address common health conditions with natural remedies. Until now she is buying me crystals and say that is “good for me”. I was always more interested in everything what is “unseen” and strongly in tuned with emotions of others around me . I was a free spirit and a seeker. At 19 I left my hometown and university business course – which I did not enjoy as my soul was longing of freedom and adventure in London!

In my late 20s I’ve started experiencing anxiety and poor mental health. My crises inspired me to start looking for non-invasive and holistic ways to feel better.

Out of pure curiosity I took part in Reflexology workshop as I’ve never paid much attention to my feet. I was truly amazed how it made me feel! So much calmer, balanced and happy – first time in months! And all of this because of the feet!?

That experience has opened a new chapter in my life. A year later I’ve completed a course from London School of Reflexology, where I’ve gained the knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, pathology and various Reflexology types : Facial, Fertility and Pregnancy. I completed Level 1 and 2 of Reiki training to enhance my treatments with natural and nourishing energy flow. I have started practice of Tai Chi, Yoga, gradually made a small changes in my lifestyle – and never felt better! I believe that ancient wisdom rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the way to sustain physical, mental and emotional well-being. Those has been around for thousands of years and are very effective in building up our stress resilience and help to overcome life disadvantages and health crises in current times.

Currently I am a student a 3-year Shiatsu course – Japanese Acupressure Massage.

I provide high quality, relaxing, intuitive yet practical treatments and believe that holistic therapies can benefit everyone and perhaps be the first step towards creating more balanced, healthy and joyful life!