What happens in Reflexology session?

Reflexology appointment lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. At the beginning I will ask you a couple of questions about your general health, lifestyle, any current and past health issues, stress levels and how stress manifest in your body (physically and emotionally) and what is the reason for Reflexology session. At this point I will also answer the questions you might have.

Then you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks before lying down on the massage couch. I will make sure that you are comfortable and warm. After that I will start Reflexology massage by applying some organic plain grapeseed oil and gently work of your feet and lower legs area. Some areas might be more tender than others but Reflexology is not painful – I will ask you to communicate with me if something does not feel right.

Facial Reflexology starts with a short consultation, just like regular Reflexology session. Best if you are make up free, otherwise I provide you with wet wipes. I will start from scalp massage – if you like! and won’t be using any oil on your hair. Then I will continue with Facial treatment protocol, using pressure point technique and combine it with face lift massage. That treatment more settled, gentle and I always using light/medium pressure.

When you choose Foot and Facial Reflexology package – I will always start with the Face 🙂

My clients are usually either fall asleep or go into blissful state of deep relaxation. You should leave the session feeling calm, relaxed and happier!

What happens in Reiki session?

Reiki session always starts with a brief consultation about your current health, well being and reason for the treatment. After that I will ask you to remove your shoes and lie down on the couch, making sure that you are warm and comfortable. I will be placing my hands ( or doing distant healing-it will be up to your preferences ) on few areas of your body : starting from the head, arms, heart, stomach, lower abdomen, knees and feet at the end.

During Reiki you will become very relaxed, sometimes sleepy, might have gentle warm/cold sesnsations in your body or slightly tingling sensations. After the session, you will feel more relaxed, rejuvinated and calmer.

How to prepare for Reflexology/Reiki session ?

To fully enjoy the treatments, there are a few things to consider before attending so the whole experience will be pleasurable.

  • avoid heavy meals before the session
  • avoid caffeine and alcohol (that is a big NO NO) on the day of the treatment
  • if you can – wear a comfortable an looser clothing
  • check for any fungal infection of your feet; I you currently have one – I can provide Face Reflexology instead

Self care tips after the session.

Reflexology and Reiki are holistic therapies which boosts detoxification of the body on physical and emotional level. To support that process and enhance the body’s self-healing process, up to 24 hours after the session :

  • drink plenty of water ( ideally up to 8 cups in 24 hrs after the session )
  • eat lighter meals ( avoid fatty meats and cheese, processed foods and excess sugar )
  • avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • if you can – rest for at least 2 hrs after the session, avoid straighteneus exercises
  • avoid very hot baths and saunas